Exo Pexo Letter & Number Trace encourages kids to start their writing journey by tracing letters and numbers in a stress-free, fun way. By practising how letters and numbers are formed by drawing lines, curves and corners with their finger, children learn the coordination and motions required to make letter and number shapes - and with big movements strengthen their arms, hands and fingers prior to using a pencil.

Play and Learn Features that kids and parents will love:

–    Trace lowercase letters, uppercase letters and 30 simple words with your finger
–    Practice and replay one letter or number, or trace the whole alphabet and numbers 0-9
–    Choose one of 6 colours to trace with. Choose a different colour with each stroke!
–    ‘Always On’ visual guides to show where to start and the correct stroke order
–    Letters and Numbers are spoken when selected
–    Success screen with fun, balloon popping mini-game
–    In-app volume control for effects, music and spoken words
–    Play online or offline – once downloaded, no internet access is needed
–    Designed by teachers and parents – recommended for toddlers and preschoolers
–    Gender neutral characters, words and colours
–    Child safe COPPA compliant
–    No collection of personal information,  in-app purchases or third-party advertising – learn safely without distractions


Things to talk about and do – balance screen time and green time!

Learning to draw letters and numbers doesn’t need to stop on your device. Young children learn best when they are taught using a multisensory approach, involving as many senses and materials as possible without the pressure of more permanent writing utensils such as pencils and crayons.

–    Why not trace numbers with soap in the bath – when we get to 9 it’s time to get out!
–    Air letters can be done anywhere, anytime! Are there letters in the clouds?
–    A tray or board in the kitchen sprinkled with a little bit of flour makes an excellent canvas.
–    The beach is one of the biggest tracing boards around. Have some fun in the sand!