Exo Pexo Letter & Number Trace encourages kids to start their writing journey by tracing letters and numbers in a stress-free, fun way. By practising how letters and numbers are formed by drawing lines, curves and corners with their finger, children learn the coordination and motions required to make letter and number shapes - and with big movements strengthen their arms, hands and fingers prior to using a pencil.

Just like the physical shape sorting puzzles of old, Exo Pexo Shape Sorter helps kids learn to recognise shapes of different sizes and colours and match them with their corresponding hole. With simple movements based on fun physics, kids can drag, flick and bounce their way through puzzles of increasing complexity.

Act fast and swipe away to make the home a safer place!
Exo Pexo Cool Swipe sees kids head into the kitchen, lounge or garage and find burn dangers. Swiping along the arrow makes the dangers safe again, but stay alert! The game gets faster and faster the longer you play!